Wellness Resources

When Wellness Resources reached out to me for assistance retouching product photos from a recent photo shoot, I quickly saw an application for 3D rendering in their business. With hundreds of supplements sharing only a dozen or so different bottles, transitioning from traditional photography to 3D rendering would make it possible to create new product images in a matter of minutes while achieving unparalleled quality and consistency.

The Process

Once I received the bottles from Wellness Resources, I began the process of carefully measuring each one and recreating it in Blender. From there, I worked with the client to nail down a virtual studio lighting setup and optimized my process so that I could quickly render product images as needed.

Fortunately, modeling a supplement bottle is pretty straightforward. First, I created a silhouette of each bottle in Adobe Illustrator. Then, I used those illustrations as guides in Blender, simply tracing the edge of the bottle and using the spin tool to extrude it around the vertical axis. A subdivision modifier is used to make each bottle even smoother at render time.

2019 / 3dblender