Beanbot Games

Beanbot Games is my friend Jon and I’s mobile app company. I lead the design of the website and brand, and Jon and I both contribute as game designers/developers.

The Website

The website features a responsive one-page design custom built with minimal HTML, CSS and Javascript. A PHP templating system makes it easy to add new app pages and populate their gameplay videos, image galleries, SEO meta tags and more.

The Brand

The logo came from the idea that Beanbot, the brand’s mascot, could rotate to display different emotions. We also liked that the design was reminiscent of a game die, and offered some fun opportunities for animation and interactivity.

Animated Splash Screen

To create a splash screen for our games I used Blender’s physics system to gently toss Beanbot onto a surface with a bit of random rotation. Once settled, I adjusted the camera and lights so that everything lined up perfectly in the final frame.